This is a Windows friendly Diku Editor for Gizmo. [connect here] It has most of the bugs worked out of it now... but a few may still be hiding
DikuWin Version 1.1.0 (5.91MB) single exe to install
MD5SUM = f6d7332a23174f4d8b2088bba3499ae6

I'm sorry it was huge but this will make sure that it will install on any windows machine
All updates from now on will be in the form of patch files

DikuWin Version 1.1.1 (99.7KB) unzip this and replace the DikuWin.exe on your computer with the one is this file. I got lazy on this one...

Things to Keep in Mind

1. This was written several years ago in Visual Basic 6.0. Due to major changes in a feature known as command arrays being removed when .NET was introduced. For all purposes this is abandoned.
2. If you find a bug You can contact me. If you like and I'll try to point you in the correct direction.
3. There will be more bugs when working with files created or edited outside of DikuWin. Still report these but they will be a slightly lower priority.
4. BACKUP YOUR FILES! I don't want to see an entire area go up in smoke... so back up your files. At least until we have it tested and "stable"
5. This is a Windows application so make sure to run unix2dos on unix files you are trying to edit with DikuWin, and you will need to run dos2unix before they can be added to the mud.

Version History:

Current known bugs(by priority)
Mob fields don't match gizmo fields
Some mob fields add blank lines above text.
Long descroption for object needs to be multi line.

Please let me know if something is missing off of this list!

Fix: Who knows... Conundrum bitched about somethign so I fixed it.
But that was so long ago I forgot what it was...

Fix: A few minor bugs taken care of. Version number no longer beta

Mod: New def file for char affects added by objects
Fix: Adding new objects after an object with a 'B' value

Fix: Zone number changed and reactivated
Mod: Moving a independent entry in the zone file will move all dependent entries along with it

Fix: Zone-Load mob problem for mobs not of the area
Fix: Fixed typo in LoadSlot.def

Fix: Added more error checking to startup

Fix: Crash bug in Clone Mob
Fix: Crash bug in Clone Object
Fix: Crash bug in new file creation
Fix: New installer is much better =)

Add: Export to viewable text file.
Add: Friendly version of print.

Fix: Hitroll and AC issue fixed on mobs.
Fix: Other junk that I didn't track...

Fix: Resolved an issue with old object files that do now have load rates.
Fix: Found a bug that would crash the program if you didn't have files selected and clicked open.

Fix: Problem opening files with a cama or space in zone name fixed.
Info: Zone number changing disabled until bug is resolved.

Info: Added auto update check.
Bug: Crashes when switching from e-spec to simple mob.
Bug: Problem installing in win2k.
Info: Added text wrapping for some descriptions. Updates on loss of focus. Info: Optional Confirm on delete added.
Info: Print added, limited functionality at this time more to be added later.
Fix: Zone form problem fixed.

Bug: Zone number change bug.
Bug: Major problem with zone form.
Bug: Problem with spells on objects.
Info: "Not Listed" entry allowed for locks on doors and containers.
Fix: High flag bug fixed.

Info: Splash and Help, About screens added
Info: Some spelling errors corrected
Info: Decay timer added.
Info: Zone file bugs should all be fixed.
Info: Exits can be set to rooms not in the world file.
Bug: Highest number flag fails to save.

Info: Lowest room number changed from 01 to 00.
Info: Extra Descriptions bug fixed.
Bug: Can't set decay timers, will not load files with decay timers.
Bug: Lots of little errors working with zone file.

Info: Zone crash bug fixed.
Bug: Extra Descriptions not always saving.

Info: New install bug fixed.
Info: Dialog errors fixed.
Bug: Crashes when adding first entry to zone file.

Info: Added Tools menu with clone object, mob, and room.
Info: Fixed a few minor bugs with adding rooms.
Bug: If you leave a popup dialog box open and do something else it can do strange things.
Bug: Would not run on new installs...

Info: SaveAs now working.
Info: File name now in title bar of each window.
Info: Crash recovery added. If DikuWin exits abnormally it will try to recover
Info: Zone number changing now works
Bug: If you leave a popup dialog box open and do something else it can do strange things.

Fix: New install Files has ALL of the def files.
Fix: Bugs in new area creation look like they are all working now.
Bug: Def files look like they don't install correctly if they are already there...

Bug: The ItemMisc.def file was left out of the install package.
Bug: Looks like the new file stuff has some issues.
Info: This version is just to get something out for feedback. Info: Still a few more things to add before it is really done...
Info: Don't try changing zone numbers right now. That will be done in January some time.
Info: Save As... isn't up and running yet.
Info: Some of the object data isn't working yet because I'm not sure what it should be. So if you know help me out.
In time I hope to add a "area checker" tool which will look for common crash bugs and other things. If you have any other additional ideas let me know.


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